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Addicted to Fitness Show Notes – An Interview with the Founder of the Corporate Warrior Podcast & Blog Lawrence Neal

We are super excited to be bringing you this week’s of Addicted to Fitness mainly because it features an interview with author, podcaster and blogger Lawrence Neal. Lawrence reached out to us via email and after I did my research, I knew I wanted him on the podcast.

Lawrence has been producing the Corporate Warrior podcast & blog since 2014 and has spoken to a laundry list of luminaries from the world of health and fitness, many of which we frequently mention on ATF.

During our interview, Lawrence shared that his approach to fitness was altered after watching a specific video from Dr. Doug McGuff in 2012. This video inspired him to read Dr. McGuff’s book, Body by Science, and reach out to the doctor to request an interview.


This request turned into the first episode of the Corporate Warrior podcast and has now lead to him recording over 100 episodes. Lawrence mentioned that his interviews with Dr. McGuff are some of his favorites and ones he’d recommend to ATF listeners. He also mentioned that his interview with board-certified family medicine physician and “Diet and Exercise 2.0” creator Dr. Ted Naiman was a great one to listen to.

Lawrence and I also discussed the ebook he wrote on fat loss. His experience & research has shown him that diets higher in quality protein and lower in processed carbohydrates have the most potential to provide individuals with a sustainable way to lose weight. The ebook also provides information on Lawrence’s perferred form of strength training.

Lawrence is a big proponent of High Intensity Training (HIT). There are different variations of HIT, but Lawrence explains that it generally consists of performing a single set of an exercise, for every muscle group, to muscular failure in a single workout. The goal of HIT is to find the minimal effective dose needed to stimulate the most physiological benefits. This allows the user to optimize his or her time in and out of the gym.

Flex black and white

These are just a few of the topics Lawrence and I discussed on this week’s episode. I encourage you to listen to the entire episode and check out all of Lawrence’s content at You can also subscribe to his podcast by searching for “Corporate Warrior” in the same app you use to listen to Addicted to Fitness.

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Weekend Workout – Landlubbers Need to Stay Fit Too

Gasparilla is a local Tampa tradition that is celebrated by a fictitious pirate invasion and subsequent parade. Parade attendees need to be in peak physical condition in order grab the highly sought after Gasparilla beads that are hurled from elaborate floats. This weekend workout is designed to help those landlubbers grab the most pirate booty.

Even if you’re not joining in on the pirate themed festivities, you can still benefit from completing this bodyweight workout. I recommend performing the workout in interval format (30 sec work/30 sec rest) for 12-20 minutes. Don’t forget to warmup and modify the workout to match your fitness level.

Head to the Tampa Strength YouTube channel (link) for video demonstrations of the exercises in this weekend workout. Let us know in the comment section below if you completed this or any weekend workout. Arrrgghh!

ETT Weekend Workout 1-27 (1)


Addicted to Fitness Show Notes – A Review of the Health & Fitness Products Debuted at CES 2018

Good day, our awesome listeners!

We’re back with a slightly different twist on fitness-related info for you today, but first, let’s talk training recaps.

I’ll go first (ladies first, right?).

Well, I did it. I quite literally got back on the bike – our Peloton cycle that is. I took some new workout clothes from *Fabletics for a spin in fact! After being a member of the clothing retailer for a while, I can enthusiastically endorse them, especially when you opt to become a member, which gets you some seriously sweet deals off the apparel line.


*Referal Links Used

Nick, meanwhile, has been busy applying the learnings he received at a recent TRX training course. He’s been adding the suspension training exercises into workouts and he’s been so happy with what he’s learned, he wanted to share some tips with those who are interested.

So for those looking to add TRX training to their repertoire, here are six items to AVOID when using the suspension trainer from TRX:

  1. Starting wrong
  2. Stopping your set
  3. Sagging your body
  4. Slacking of the bands
  5. Sawing the bands back and forth
  6. Scrapping the bands against your body

Be sure any trainer who you’re looking to work with, knows these basics. Better yet, check out Tampa Strength YouTube channel for TRX exercise video demonstrations to learn the moves yourself.

Now, we embrace our inner gadget-loving geek (or at least I do) to talk about the latest health and fitness technology to come out of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

I knew about this tradeshow from years back when I used to work the event for clients, but it’s since become a hugely attended event for general consumers. Much of the tech they display at CES is what you’ll see appearing in stores this year!

This year, health/wellness and fitness technology made a big statement.

We broke down our top picks (from the more than 3,900 exhibiting companies) of products into four categories:

(Image Source)

  • Sleep:
    • Philips Smart Sleep – 1st wearable solution to not only monitor, but improve deep sleep quality
    • 360 Smart Bed – bed that tracks sleep and adjusts to maximize your sleep
  • Health monitor:

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Weekend Workout – Turning Squats into a Total Body Exercise

Want an exercise that works multiple muscle groups simultaneously? Then you need compound exercises and this edition of the weekend workout just happens to be full of them. After you complete one circuit of the squat variations below, you’ll know that they’re much more than just leg exercises.

Head to the ETT YouTube channel (link) if you need further instruction on several of the exercises listed below. I recommend performing the workout in interval format (30 sec work/30 sec rest) for 16-24 minutes. Don’t forget to warmup and modify the workout to match your fitness level.

Let us know in the comment section below if you completed this or any weekend workout. ENJOY!

ETT weekend workout 1-20.png

Addicted to Fitness Show Notes – Raw Water Debate & Dietary Migraine Triggers

Good day! Thanks for joining us for this week’s show recap. Hopefully, you’ve already listened to this week’s episode in which Nick and I talk about a new health trend that’s been popping up, as well as food triggers for a fairly common ailment.

Before we get into that though, we do a quick training recap.

My training recap is pretty concise – a whole lot of nothing. Yup, nada, squat, zilch, zippo. It’s temporary as we make our little munchkin our priority. She brings her own set of physical demands though!

Nick, on the other hand, has been doing some new and exciting fitness activities, specifically taking a TRX training course at Better Everyday in Orlando, FL with Master TRX instructor Trevor Anderson. What is TRX? Well, it’s a brand that’s most well-known for selling suspension training equipment. Though Nick has been familiar with the training, this was his first course on the subject. He learned the TRX foundational movements (plank (primary), push, pull, squat, lunge & rotation), proper equipment setup, numerous exercises and progressions for clients’ workout.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.00.43 AM

Now for the real meat of the podcast…

I’ve been hearing rumbles about a health trend in a number of places, especially social media. On this episode of ATF, we’re digging in and learning about whether there’s anything legit to the trend of Raw Water.

Raw water is defined as, “crystal clear water, brimming with beneficial bacteria & minerals from the earth.”

Sound appealing?

I was extremely annoyed with this idea, but Nick went even farther and described the whole thing as very dangerous. Why?

The article gets into it a bit more, but in short, water filtration is a positive development for our country for a reason. Pollution and the natural, harmful, bacteria in various bodies of water, make drinking unpurified water, basically, stupid.

I invite you to remember playing the popular computer video game from the 1980s, the Oregon Trail. How many times did your little pioneer family get sick and die from dysentery? That is one of the possible consequences of drinking unpurified water. As Nick reminded me, believe it or not, dirty water kills thousands of children every day (source).


Approximately 37 million people in the U.S. suffer from migraines (source)

Our second main point of discussion is migraines – oh those dastardly headaches (though they include a lot more than an aching head in many instances).

Migraines are something a significant portion of American suffer from. I even get a few a year, usually brought on by stress. In addition to stress, hormones and diet have been cited as probable triggers for migraines.

Nick discovered an article on that discussed dietary triggers & treatments for migraines. Several dietary triggers for migraines include:

  • Coffee (any caffeinated beverage)
  • Aged Cheese
  • Alcohol
  • Processed meat

If you’re evaluating your diets and starting to worry, be sure to take a closer look at that article for additional details. Then, take comfort, as there are also some dietary treatments/supplements:

  • Butterbur (herbal supplement)
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Folate
  • Magnesium
  • Riboflavin

Podcast pic 1-15.jpeg

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Weekend Workout – Yooooouuuu, Your Core Will Be On FIRE

I’m bringing you another core centric superset workout this week. For those that need a refresher on supersets, they require you to perform a desired number of repetitions for 3 separate exercises in succession. As if core exercises weren’t challenging enough, these exercises will all be executed from the plank position. That means you’ll need to utilize much more than core muscles to complete the workout.

Performing five 10 rep supersets of this workout will help improve strength in your ENTIRE core, not just your 6-pack (rectus abdominis). Don’t forget to warmup and modify the workout to match your fitness level.

Let us know in the comment section below if you completed this or any weekend workout. ENJOY!

ETT Weekend workout 1-13.png

Addicted to Fitness Show Notes – From the Vault: Our Very First Fitness Podcast

We take the Addicted to Fitness DeLorean all the way back to the very first podcast I every produced almost two years ago. The podcast was known as the ETT Wrap Show in those days and in this week’s throwback episode my cohost at the time, Tyler Knox, and I describe what we would be “rapping” about on a weekly basis.

You will hear how the development our current format of recapping our previous week’s training and debating pertinent health topics. You will also get to hear about the evolution of ETT from weekend bootcamp outfit to concierge personal training business. It’s amazing to see how much ETT and the podcast has grown in just two years.

nick & Tyler

One of the topics discussed on this old school episode is how I developed my approach to fitness. I encourage you to go back and check out the very first post on to hear all the details, but the short version starts at Amir’s Academy of Martial Arts. Upon graduating from college, my physical & mental health began to wane due to lack of activity and motivation. I finally got fed up with the way I looked & felt and walked into Amir’s. That’s where I regained my fitness and learned that helping others recapture their fitness was my passion.

We also debated the news article involving the World Health Organization’s (WHO) listing of red meat & processed meats as possible carcinogens. It should be noted that even the WHO mentions that their listing, especially for red meat, is based on limited evidence. However, that didn’t stop news outlets & plant-based diet promoters from shouting their listing from the roof tops. I believe Chris Kresser does a great job explaining how weak the link between red meat and cancer in this article on his site. I recommend you read it and make your own conclusion.


After the red meat discussion, we touch on more dietary recommendations including my own. I mention that due to my own personal experience and through the nutrition research I’ve gathered, a low-carb approach to nutrition is the best way to lose weight/keep weight off. If you reduce that amount of sugar and grain products you consume you can reduce the production of insulin and other digestive hormones that play a large part in helping you maintain a healthy weight.

The final topic of our very first podcast is one that Shannon and I recently talked about in our 2018 Biggest Health Trend Predictions episode, which is the importance of dietary fat. This marks the start of my dedication to being “fat fueled” and ultimately led to Tyler and I taste testing bulletproof coffee in a later ETT Wrap show, which was one of our past “from the vault” episode, if that makes sense.

Screenshot 2018-01-08 at 9.12.29 AM

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Weekend Workout – Make Real Progress with this Progression

The burpee is a compound movement that will provide you with a total body workout without the need for any equipment. The burpee progression below is a great way to ensure that you are practicing proper technique while simultaneously providing a challenging workout.

Between the squat, plank, push-up and jump you’ll definitely hit every muscle group in your body with this workout. I recommend performing 5 reps of exercise(s) in succession followed by 90 seconds of rest. Don’t forget to warmup and modify the workout to match your fitness level.

Connect with us on social media and share pics/videos of you performing this or any weekend workout (FacebookInstagram or Twitter). ENJOY!

ETT Weekend Workout 1-6