Weekend Workout – Learning To Fight Can Save Your Life In Many Ways

If you’re new to the blog and/or the Addicted to Fitness Podcast, you may not know that my fitness epiphany began when I started boxing & kickboxing. The total body movements required to throw a proper kick or punch transformed by body. It also made me realize that you don’t need free weights or barbells to get ripped.

That’s why I’m always excited to share weekend workouts that contain boxing & kickboxing techniques. I combined a pair of striking combos with a couple bodyweight exercises to provide a cardio boosting, strength building workout.

Head to the ETT YouTube channel (link) if you need further instruction on the techniques listed below. I recommend performing the workout in interval format (30 sec work/30 sec rest) for 12-20 minutes. Don’t forget to warmup and modify the workout to match your fitness level.

If you complete this or any weekend workout, please let us know in the comment section below OR you can send us a pic/video of you doing the workout on social media (FacebookInstagram or Twitter). ENJOY!

ETT Weekend Workout 2-3

Weekend Workout – Make Real Progress with this Progression

The burpee is a compound movement that will provide you with a total body workout without the need for any equipment. The burpee progression below is a great way to ensure that you are practicing proper technique while simultaneously providing a challenging workout.

Between the squat, plank, push-up and jump you’ll definitely hit every muscle group in your body with this workout. I recommend performing 5 reps of exercise(s) in succession followed by 90 seconds of rest. Don’t forget to warmup and modify the workout to match your fitness level.

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ETT Weekend Workout 1-6

Try It This Weekend: The Burpee

Weekends are usually reserved for relaxing and recovering from a hectic workweek. UNLESS one of the biggest holidays of the year falls on the weekend, which is the predicament those celebrating Christmas are faced with this year. A large percentage of us will be driving, flying, eating, drinking, wrapping, unwrapping and hopefully spending time with the ones you love this weekend. It’s important to experience all that goes with the holiday because it only comes around once a year, but it is also important to incorporate a workout into your schedule. Trust me, conversations with relatives go a lot smoother if you get a workout in. However, since your schedule is chock full of social engagements, you have to make smart use of the little free time you do have. That’s where this week’s “try it” exercise comes in.

The modified burpee is a compound movement that will provide you with a total body workout without the need of any equipment. The burpee I’m describing may be a little different than ones you’re used to seeing and I’ll explain why in the following step by step explanation.

  1. Stand with your feet square and a little wider than shoulder width apart.
  2. Squat (eyes forward, chest up) down till your hands touch the floor. Your arms should be inside your legs at the bottom of your squat.
  3. STEP one foot back
  4. STEP the other foot back till you’re in the up push-up position. *** I suggest this technique opposed to thrusting your feet back to prevent any lower back pain or discomfort ***
  5. You should be in a flat back plank position
  6. Perform 1 push-up
  7. STEP one foot up
  8. STEP the other foot up till you’re back in the lowered squat position.
  9. Perform a vertical jump as you rise out of your lowered squat position. *** Land softly ***

– Repeat for desired number of reps


I recommend performing 5 sets of 10 modified burpees with 30-60 seconds of rest in between sets. Make sure to adjust the exercise and/or workout to match your fitness level. I imagine this workout will take approximately 10-15 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to do some last second wrapping.

If you try out the modified burpee, let us know what you think. Also, we’d love to see pics of you performing the exercise so feel free to share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (@ettampa). Happy holidays peeps!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We all have that one exercise that makes us cringe whenever we see it in our daily workout routine. My experience with group training has lead me to believe that the burpee is pretty high on people’s cringe worthy list. The burpee incorporates several body weight movements (squat thrust, plank, push-up, vertical jump, etc.) into one complex strength & cardio building exercise. The linking together of multiple movements creates the potential for improper technique which can lead to potential injury. I found this tutorial video on how to modify the burpee in order to ensure proper form and save yourself from potential injury. Check it out!

Video courtesy of https://m.youtube.com/user/StreamFITtv