Month: April 2016

ETT Wrap Show Ep.14

Tyler returns for this tasty episode of the ETT Wrap Show. We kick off this week’s show chatting about the most recent ETT group training session, the latest UFC news involving Conor McGregor and Shannon & I’s upcoming wedding. The rest of the episode is dedicated to a taste test and review of Exo cricket flour protein bars. Listen to us do out best version of Fear Factor and let us know if you’d be up for making insects a part of your diet. Also, do us a favor and share this with a friend. You know we’ll appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

ETT Wrap Show Ep.13

Shannon returns once again to help steer the podcast ship. On this week’s show, Shannon and I talk about a glowing review from an ETT client, the recent group workout on The Tampa Riverwalk and how podcast listeners like their eggs. We also discuss our date night courtesy of the UFC and The Mike Calta Show. Love it or hate it, let us know what you think about this, or any episode of the ETT Wrap Show.

ETT Wrap Show Ep.12

SHE’S BACKKKK!!!!!! Shannon Palmer rejoins the podcast and helps me provide another thought provoking ETT Wrap Show. Shannon describes her experience as a vegan & vegetarian, while I admit to having no dietary restrictions when it comes protein. We also discuss ETT’s upcoming Mud Endeavor competition, ETT Group TrainingExo cricket flour and listeners’ protein preferences. ETT would like to thank Train. Fight. Win. owner & friend of the show L.A. Jennings, for her critique of the podcast. We appreciate her feedback, just like we appreciate YOUR feedback, so keep it coming!

ETT Wrap Show Ep.11

This week’s episode of the ETT Wrap Show is compelling to say the least. Tyler and I discuss The Tampa RiverwalkUFC news and how different body types can effect how a specific exercise is performed. We spend the remainder of the episode answering several……interesting listener questions. You can get your question answered by us on an upcoming episode by simply leaving it in the comment section below. You’ll hear in this episode that we’ll answer pretty much any question. ENJOY IT!