Back to School ***UPDATED***

Original post published July 8th

Recently I’ve been researching a new certification to compliment my current personal training certification. Being certified in another fitness related discipline allows me to offer more services to my clients and it helps keep my current personal trainer certification up to date. Three certifications that I’ve been looking into are:

Fitness Nutrition
Kettlebell Instructor
Weight Loss specialist

Before I choose which one I’m going to pursue I wanted to get your opinion on what certification you would want your personal trainer to possess. Please feel free to suggest any training not listed above and/or not directly related to fitness (i.e. website development). Any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated.



After a lot of research into my next fitness related certification, I’ve decided to go with the Fitness Nutrition Specialization offered by NASM. I chose this certification because it will provide me with a better understanding of how nutrition affects my clients’ quest to lead a healthier life. This certification will educate me on nutrition topics such as micro & macronutrients, caloric needs, metabolism, portion size, interpreting food labels, and many more. I won’t be able create meal plans to meet specific dietary needs, but I will be more prepared to answer “How much protein should I eat throughout the day?” or “What’s the best food to eat before and after a workout?”


The recipe for healthier life consists oh two primary ingredients: diet and exercise. Generally speaking, if you make the right decisions on how to treat your body, and what to put into your body, it will reward you by functioning like a well oiled machine. My goal as a personal trainer is to provide people with the tools they need to make their “machine” as efficient as possible. In order to do so, I need to continue to educate myself on the latest information regarding diet and exercise, and the Fitness Nutrition Specialization just happens to be the next chapter in my curriculum.