The Constant Climb

Admiring your hard-work is important, but it’s equally important not to rest your laurels on past achievements. The knowledge you gained during your successful ventures will act as the supplies you need for your next trip up the mountain. Enjoy the victory, but never be satisfied.


There’s Always Enough Time

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your holiday. Shannon and I are hosting her parents for Easter brunch, which means we had to do a lot of prep work yesterday in order to get ready. Shannon took on the cooking responsibilities while I tackled the cleaning. By the time we finished all the grocery shopping Saturday afternoon, it was 5pm before we could get to our respective duties. In addition to our late start, I realized I had yet to complete my daily workout. I decided to employ my multitasking abilities and incorporate my workout into cleaning the house. Here’s how I accomplished both tasks simultaneously:

The Clean Sweep Workout (2mins of cleaning followed by an exercise for specified # of reps; repeat till house is clean)

  • Sweep floors/Knee Strikes (50)
  • Vacuum carpets & rugs/Push-ups (25)
  • Swifter floors/Prisoner Squats (25)
  • Clean bathrooms/Jab+Cross (50)

Even though I stopped every 2 minutes to perform an exercise, I was able to complete my cleaning in less than an hour and a half. I also burned 416 calories in the process! That means a few extra cadbury eggs today for yours truly. Hopefully this post helps you realize that you always have opportunities to burn a few extra calories, you just have to look a little harder to find them. Speaking of looking a little harder, I’ve got some eggs to find. Enjoy your holiday!


It’s Not Me, It’s We

FullSizeRender (3)

Today’s Monday Motivation is very personal because the individual I am trying to inspire the most with this post is myself. As of late, I’ve been neglecting important responsibilities in both my personal and professional life. My recent selfishness prompted someone very close to me to question my level of dedication to these commitments. This intervention of sorts made me realize that I need to devote more time and effort to aspects of my life that are important not only to me but to all of those around me. Elemental Training Tampa was founded on the idea of community, and it’s about time I become a better member of this community.