Month: July 2016

What’s on the Menu

This week’s menu item is not one particular food, but an entire meal I prepared for my wife and I. The salad is made of arugula, watermelon, grated cheddar and a balsamic reduction. Even though watermelon has a high glycemic index (72) it has a low glycemic load (5) due to the water and fiber it contains. Enjoying it with a protein, like the shrimp pictured below, will reduce the watermelon’s insulin response even further. While we’re on the topic of reducing insulin response, substituting zucchini noodles for any refined grain based pasta will do just that. Reducing your refined grain intake could lead to you avoiding troublesome health conditions like bloating and irritable bowel syndrome just to name a few. The real beauty of this meal is that it took about 15 minutes to make. Quick, healthy and delicious. Just the way I like it!


Superfoods & Type 2 Diabetes

This week’s episode of the Addicted to Fitness podcast kicks off with a HUGE announcement regarding Shannon’s fitness. Not only is she done with her gym membership but she also took the plunge and purchased a peloton cycle. I was a little worried about the financial commitment the bike required, but once mentioned that Sofia Vergara participated in their online community, my apprehension vanished. We also reminisce about my experience training Carmin from the Mike Calta radio show because she has once again requested ETT’s help to train for an upcoming celebrity boxing event. The rest of the episode is dedicated to discussions on 2 health related news articles. The first article focuses on the legitimacy of “superfoods” and the second article discusses the recent recommended treatment for individuals with Type 2 diabetes.

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What’s on the Menu

This week’s look into my food choices is ultimately a result of listening to individuals like Tim Ferris and Dom D’Agostino. All I kept hearing from these intelligent folks is how good sardines were for you. Once I finally got up the nerve to buy a couple cans, I realized how right they were. One container, like the one pictured, contains 13g of protein and several important vitamins & minerals like vitamin D and selenium. As good as they may be for me, I knew I would need a little something extra to make them more palatable, which is why I purchased Primal Kitchen mayo. Not only is this a wholesome food with only 5 ingredients, 1 tbsp contains almost 20% of my daily value for total fats. This meal really packs a nutritional punch 👊


The Great Coffee Debate

Earlier in the week, my mother in law shared a podcast with me that she thought I’d enjoy. She recommended I listen to an episode of the James Altucher Show featuring Dr. Sanjiv Chopra. Dr. Chopra is a lecturer, medical professor and author of several books including The Big Five: 5 Simple Things You Can do to Live a Longer, Healthier Life . One of the five ways Dr. Chopra believes we can live a longer, healthier life is to drink coffee. I’m already a coffee devotee but I thought debating the pros and cons of coffee would be a great podcast topic. Which is why this week’s Addicted to Fitness podcast features a debate between Shannon and I on whether or not coffee is good for your health. We also go into Shannon’s desire for her very own peloton cycle, ETT doing yoga for charity and the new health craze that’s sweeping the nation, Pokemon Go. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and while you’re at it, give it a review why don’t ya. If you’re an Android user, click here and subscribe on your preferred podcast app. If you like the podcast, please share it with a friend. If you don’t like it, leave us a comment and let us know how we can improve. We appreciate your help!



What’s on the Menu

Let’s face it, proper nutrition is one of the key components to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People frequently ask me what I eat and what better way to share that with people then participating in the weekly trending topic #whatieatwednesday. One of my menu items that I recently highlighted were collared greens. Shannon let me know that this dark leafy green was one of her go-to’s when she was a vegan. Not surprising since 1 cup of boiled collared greens has 5 g of protein, not to mention a ton of vitamins & minerals like vitamin A and calcium. FYI – the collared pictured below are definitely not vegan friendly. I cooked them in butter, garlic and diced ham 😊. You can stay up to date with my weekly #whatieatwednesday posts by following me on Instagram under the handle @ettampa.


The Macros Game Debut

Shannon and I talk about several poignant health & fitness topics on this week’s Addicted to Fitness podcast including the ETT take-home workout, my quest to be alcohol free in July, our active Hawaiian honeymoon and the negative health impacts of air travel outlined in a 2015 Economist article. All those topics are super interesting but the reason I’m so excited about this episode is because it is the debut of THE MACROS GAME! Being a lover of game shows, I decided to periodically include a nutritional trivia segment into the podcast. Listen to me test Shannon’s knowledge of macronutrients with this fun little game. Bob Barker ain’t got nothing on me! If you don’t know who Bob Barker is, shame on you.

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Amnesty Request

I want to apologize to you folks for being absent over the past few weeks. I took a little break from social media during Shannon and I’s week long honeymoon in Hawaii and I’m just now getting caught back up. I should have scheduled the weekly podcast posts in advance, but sadly I did not. My bad. If you’ve subscribed to the Addicted to Fitness podcast, then you’re up to date on the episodes that dropped the past two weeks. If you’re are not yet a subscriber, here’s what we talked about on those podcasts.

USDA Dietary Recommendations: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

One cup of cooked oatmeal, 4 slices of whole wheat bread, 1 mini bag of popcorn and 1 cup of cooked brown rice. That’s what the USDA recommends I eat, in addition to other food groups, to satisfy my daily caloric need. Shannon and I discuss this and other dietary recommendations from the USDA on this nutrition focused episode.


From the Vault: Girl Scout Cookie Challenge

This week’s episode features a throwback to our ETT Wrap Show days. Listen to my former cohost Tyler give the play by play of the first official ETT challenge. I down a few Girl Scout Cookies then determine who long it takes to burn them off using battle ropes and jump squats. Original air date March 7th, 2016.


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