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ETT Exercise of the Week Ep.4

Your core is home to your center of gravity, which is the starting point for all your movement. It is extremely important to have a strong core and it’s not because 6-pack abs look cool. A strong core can increase your ability to perform dynamic movements without injury. Have you always wanted to go surfing? Strengthen your core. Have you always wanted to go rock climbing? Strengthen your core. Have you always wanted to break dance? I think you get my point: include core exercises in any type of physical activity you perform.

ETT workouts always include core exercises. An example of an ETT core exercise is demonstrated in the video below. Add this exercise to your next workout and let me know how many you were able to complete. Better yet, post a video on the ETT Facebook page of yourself performing the most proper punches you can perform in one half sit-up. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your videos.

ETT Exercise of the Week Ep. 3

IT’S BACK! The ETT exercise of the week is back and better than ever. We just purchased a brand new Mac desktop here at the ETT compound to assist in all our video production so expect more ETT videos coming your way on a regular basis. This video is a great ETT exercise, which for all you newcomers combines a striking technique with a body weight exercise. ETT exercises are total body exercises that allow you to perfect your striking techniques while you build strength and burn calories. I love incorporating these exercises into my HIIT workouts and they are an essential part of all ETT group training sessions. If you live or are visiting the Tampa Bay Area, you can attend a FREE ETT group training session next Sunday, April 26th. Check out the ETT group training event page on Facebook for more details.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We all have that one exercise that makes us cringe whenever we see it in our daily workout routine. My experience with group training has lead me to believe that the burpee is pretty high on people’s cringe worthy list. The burpee incorporates several body weight movements (squat thrust, plank, push-up, vertical jump, etc.) into one complex strength & cardio building exercise. The linking together of multiple movements creates the potential for improper technique which can lead to potential injury. I found this tutorial video on how to modify the burpee in order to ensure proper form and save yourself from potential injury. Check it out!

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ETT Exercise of the Week Ep.1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Elemental Training Tampa (ETT) exercise of the week. An ETT exercise combines striking techniques with a strength building body weight exercise. This week’s ETT exercise combines a jab-cross-hook-uppercut combination with 2 lunges. Feel free to use any punch combination, but make sure you’re practicing proper technique regardless of what strikes you perform. After the punch combination perform 2 lunges that match your fitness level. I suggest practicing your lunges in a mirror to ensure proper form. Check out the video below for more helpful tips on how to perform the ETT exercise correctly. Incorporate this exercise into your next high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout or use it as a warm-up before your next weight training session.