Weekend Workout – Learning To Fight Can Save Your Life In Many Ways

If you’re new to the blog and/or the Addicted to Fitness Podcast, you may not know that my fitness epiphany began when I started boxing & kickboxing. The total body movements required to throw a proper kick or punch transformed by body. It also made me realize that you don’t need free weights or barbells to get ripped.

That’s why I’m always excited to share weekend workouts that contain boxing & kickboxing techniques. I combined a pair of striking combos with a couple bodyweight exercises to provide a cardio boosting, strength building workout.

Head to the ETT YouTube channel (link) if you need further instruction on the techniques listed below. I recommend performing the workout in interval format (30 sec work/30 sec rest) for 12-20 minutes. Don’t forget to warmup and modify the workout to match your fitness level.

If you complete this or any weekend workout, please let us know in the comment section below OR you can send us a pic/video of you doing the workout on social media (FacebookInstagram or Twitter). ENJOY!

ETT Weekend Workout 2-3

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