Addicted to Fitness Show Notes – An Interview with the Founder of the Corporate Warrior Podcast & Blog Lawrence Neal

We are super excited to be bringing you this week’s of Addicted to Fitness mainly because it features an interview with author, podcaster and blogger Lawrence Neal. Lawrence reached out to us via email and after I did my research, I knew I wanted him on the podcast.

Lawrence has been producing the Corporate Warrior podcast & blog since 2014 and has spoken to a laundry list of luminaries from the world of health and fitness, many of which we frequently mention on ATF.

During our interview, Lawrence shared that his approach to fitness was altered after watching a specific video from Dr. Doug McGuff in 2012. This video inspired him to read Dr. McGuff’s book, Body by Science, and reach out to the doctor to request an interview.


This request turned into the first episode of the Corporate Warrior podcast and has now lead to him recording over 100 episodes. Lawrence mentioned that his interviews with Dr. McGuff are some of his favorites and ones he’d recommend to ATF listeners. He also mentioned that his interview with board-certified family medicine physician and “Diet and Exercise 2.0” creator Dr. Ted Naiman was a great one to listen to.

Lawrence and I also discussed the ebook he wrote on fat loss. His experience & research has shown him that diets higher in quality protein and lower in processed carbohydrates have the most potential to provide individuals with a sustainable way to lose weight. The ebook also provides information on Lawrence’s perferred form of strength training.

Lawrence is a big proponent of High Intensity Training (HIT). There are different variations of HIT, but Lawrence explains that it generally consists of performing a single set of an exercise, for every muscle group, to muscular failure in a single workout. The goal of HIT is to find the minimal effective dose needed to stimulate the most physiological benefits. This allows the user to optimize his or her time in and out of the gym.

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These are just a few of the topics Lawrence and I discussed on this week’s episode. I encourage you to listen to the entire episode and check out all of Lawrence’s content at You can also subscribe to his podcast by searching for “Corporate Warrior” in the same app you use to listen to Addicted to Fitness.

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