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Addicted to Fitness Show Notes – From the Vault: Our Very First Fitness Podcast

We take the Addicted to Fitness DeLorean all the way back to the very first podcast I every produced almost two years ago. The podcast was known as the ETT Wrap Show in those days and in this week’s throwback episode my cohost at the time, Tyler Knox, and I describe what we would be “rapping” about on a weekly basis.

You will hear how the development our current format of recapping our previous week’s training and debating pertinent health topics. You will also get to hear about the evolution of ETT from weekend bootcamp outfit to concierge personal training business. It’s amazing to see how much ETT and the podcast has grown in just two years.

nick & Tyler

One of the topics discussed on this old school episode is how I developed my approach to fitness. I encourage you to go back and check out the very first post on to hear all the details, but the short version starts at Amir’s Academy of Martial Arts. Upon graduating from college, my physical & mental health began to wane due to lack of activity and motivation. I finally got fed up with the way I looked & felt and walked into Amir’s. That’s where I regained my fitness and learned that helping others recapture their fitness was my passion.

We also debated the news article involving the World Health Organization’s (WHO) listing of red meat & processed meats as possible carcinogens. It should be noted that even the WHO mentions that their listing, especially for red meat, is based on limited evidence. However, that didn’t stop news outlets & plant-based diet promoters from shouting their listing from the roof tops. I believe Chris Kresser does a great job explaining how weak the link between red meat and cancer in this article on his site. I recommend you read it and make your own conclusion.


After the red meat discussion, we touch on more dietary recommendations including my own. I mention that due to my own personal experience and through the nutrition research I’ve gathered, a low-carb approach to nutrition is the best way to lose weight/keep weight off. If you reduce that amount of sugar and grain products you consume you can reduce the production of insulin and other digestive hormones that play a large part in helping you maintain a healthy weight.

The final topic of our very first podcast is one that Shannon and I recently talked about in our 2018 Biggest Health Trend Predictions episode, which is the importance of dietary fat. This marks the start of my dedication to being “fat fueled” and ultimately led to Tyler and I taste testing bulletproof coffee in a later ETT Wrap show, which was one of our past “from the vault” episode, if that makes sense.

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Diversification isn’t just for your portfolio

Yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) sent out a press release stating that processed meats are carcinogenic to humans and that red meat is probably carcinogenic to humans. Since I frequently mention my proclivity as an ominvore, I’m sure most of you think that this post will try to debunk the WHO’s findings. Well……surprise! I actually think the WHO’s findings are great! I believe nutrition is a very important issue, especially in the U.S., and informing individuals on the health effects of certain foods is extremely important. Also, I’m a big proponent of having diversity in one’s diet. If you read the press release, the WHO states that eating more than 50 grams of processed meats (approximately 2 slices of bacon) or 100 grams of red meat (approximately 1/4 lb burger) a DAY can increase the risk of certain types of cancer. It DOES NOT suggest that people should stop eating meat. In fact, the WHO states that “red meat has nutritional value” and that governments should use this information to educate their citizens on proper nutrition. The WHO press release DOES NOT say that processed & red meat are as carcinogenic as tobacco or asbestos, as some media outlets reported. Check out the screen grab below from the WHO’s Twitter page for a more in depth explanation of the classification.

I am a meateater and will continue to eat meat. I will also continue to eat a diverse diet in order to limit my processed & red meat intake. Veggies, fruit, starches, nuts, seeds, poultry, dairy, the occasional adult beverage, seafood, and everything else in between. I believe all these foods along with processed & red meat have allowed humans to become the ultimate omnivores.image

I hope the WHO press release will motivate individuals who rely on processed & red meat as their primary protein source to diversify their diets. I know I’m only scratching the surface of this issue, but I wanted to clarify some misinformation, and further promote the positive side of the WHO’s findings. If you have any comments please leave them below.