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Addicted to Fitness Show Notes – 2016 Year in Review

Shannon here. I’m back!

The end of one year and the start of another prompts many traditions, including a look back at the year we’ve bid farewell to. 2016 was a pretty epic one for the podcast, being the inaugural year!


We covered some great topics in the past year and picked out some special highlights for you in this week’s episode.

  • Interview Highlight – Vinnie Tortorich explaining the NSNG diet and how it could have a great impact on the country’s obesity epidemic.
  • Taste Test Highlight – Bone both review discussing the taste and benefits of this popular “new” food item.
  • Product Review Highlight – Peloton cycle review including an on-bike workout going through the features the bike has to offer.

Mostly, we want to thank all the listeners for your support which has helped keep us going through this first year and made Addicted to Fitness a 5-star rated podcast in the iTunes store. We are so appreciative for all your support. Don’t forget you can get in touch with us between podcasts and keep the feedback coming either on Facebook or by leaving a review in the iTunes store.

Thanks again for listening and Happy New Year!

Links to this week’s episode:




The Debut of Addicted to Fitness

Bulletproof coffee, fitness and nutrition documentaries and an interview with celebrity fitness trainer Vinnie Tortorich are just a few topics discussed in the iTunes and Google Play debut of the Addicted to Fitness Podcast. If you prefer to listen online, head to the Addicted to Fitness website. We are always looking for feedback on what topics we should dive into next and how we can make the podcast better. Please rate, respond and SUBSCRIBE. We appreciate the support!



The Day Has Arrived

OH HAPPY DAY! The new podcast from ETT will premiere this Monday (6/13) on iTunes and Google Play. We have several great debut episodes for you including an interview with celebrity fitness trainer Vinnie Tortorich. Make sure to check back here Monday morning for the link to the Addicted to Fitness Podcast.


ETT Wrap Show Ep.5

Tyler and I start off this week’s episode of the ETT Wrap Show by going over his recent participation in the first ETT benchmark workout. We also discuss how this very website,, got mentioned on a very popular fitness & nutrition podcast along with other topics like EPIC meat bars, broaching nutrition topics with family, and who Tyler learned the “birds & the bees” from. Give this week’s ETT Wrap show a listen and let us know what you think. We are loving the feedback we’re getting so keep it coming!