Nicole Recine

What’s on the Menu

Today’s #whatiatewednesday post is a slight departure from what you normally see from me. I was doing some research for an interview that will be featured on an upcoming episode of the Addicted to Fitness podcast and I came across this chart from 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Every five years, the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) puts out a comprehensive report about what Americans are eating, how it’s affecting our health and somewhat educated suggestions on how to reverse some scary health trends. I believe that one of the reasons we’re seeing ever increasing rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes is due to the massive amount of grains, specifically refined grains, we eat on a daily basis. If you look at the chart below, you’ll see that some age groups are eating more than 1.5 times the daily recommended amount of refined grains. If you need a frame of reference for what 1 ounce of grain looks like, it’s equivalent to approximately 1 piece of bread. But bread isn’t the only culprit. Cereal, bagels, tortillas,  grain-based dessert and numerous other refined grain products are contributing to several of the current health problems we as Americans face nowadays.


Please don’t take my word for it. Do yourself a favor and check out research done by much smarter people than me like Nina Tecicholz, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. David Perlmutter (his book Grain Brain is enlightening). You can also listen to registered nurse and certified diabetes educator Nicole Recine on the upcoming episode of the Addicted to Fitness podcast. She, along with the other people I listed, do a great job explaining the detrimental effects of excess carb intake.

Food Label Breakdown

Shannon and I start off this week’s episode reminiscing about our past week of training. Our workout recap got me thinking about a possible exercise experiment. We’ve talked about which exercises burn the most calories according to a Harvard medical school publication in a past episode, but I want to determine which of the following exercises burn the most calories in 10 minutes: jump rope, shadowbox or stationary bike. Not sure if I’d be able to podcast this experiment, but I’d certainly post the results in a future blog. Which of those exercise do you think would burn the most calories in 10 minutes?


After our training recap, Shannon and I investigate the actual definitions for several commonly used food label terms. Thanks to an article written by Sheah Rarback, a registered dietician and nutritionist at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, we discover what the terms natural, GMO, non-GMO, gluten-free and organic really mean. Make sure you listen to this episode because I think you’ll be surprised about what products are allowed to use these terms. I know I was. In addition to these terms, we also discuss the ever evolving concept of “grass-fed.” Shannon and I frequently purchase grass-fed products, but after reading an article about the USDA recently dropping their requirements for a product to be considered grass-fed, we’re definitely rethinking adding them to our weekly grocery list.


We are constantly trying to provide you with the most up to date health and fitness information. That is why I am please to announce that next week’s episode will feature an interview with registered nurse and certified diabetes educator Nicole Recine. Nicole is full of information on a variety of health and fitness topics including how we can fight the current obesity epidemic. If you have a suggestion for a health and fitness professional we should interview on the podcast, please leave it in the comment section below. After you leave your suggestion, please give us a review on iTunes and when you share this episode, tell your friend to do the same. Thanks in advance and stay healthy this week peeps!

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