Peloton Cycle Review

The day has come. I didn’t think it was going to happen this early in the history of the Addicted to Fitness podcast, but it has. I’m referring to the first episode where I have to fly solo because Shannon has come down with a nasty cold. While Shannon recovers, I perform a live product review of our newest piece of exercise equipment, the peloton cycle. We’ve mentioned peloton on the past few episodes, but if you aren’t familiar with them, check out their promo video below.

I huff and puff my way through all the options the peloton cycle has to offer. Scenic rides, live spin classes, on-demand videos featuring DJs and exercise videos you can do off the bike. The big 20″ touchscreen display allows for easy user interface, and you can even chat with other peloton users. I won’t lie to you, the financial investment for the bike is substantial, but when it comes improving our fitness, I believe it’s money well spent.


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The Great Coffee Debate

Earlier in the week, my mother in law shared a podcast with me that she thought I’d enjoy. She recommended I listen to an episode of the James Altucher Show featuring Dr. Sanjiv Chopra. Dr. Chopra is a lecturer, medical professor and author of several books including The Big Five: 5 Simple Things You Can do to Live a Longer, Healthier Life . One of the five ways Dr. Chopra believes we can live a longer, healthier life is to drink coffee. I’m already a coffee devotee but I thought debating the pros and cons of coffee would be a great podcast topic. Which is why this week’s Addicted to Fitness podcast features a debate between Shannon and I on whether or not coffee is good for your health. We also go into Shannon’s desire for her very own peloton cycle, ETT doing yoga for charity and the new health craze that’s sweeping the nation, Pokemon Go. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and while you’re at it, give it a review why don’t ya. If you’re an Android user, click here and subscribe on your preferred podcast app. If you like the podcast, please share it with a friend. If you don’t like it, leave us a comment and let us know how we can improve. We appreciate your help!