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Addicted To Fitness Show Notes – From the Vault: Jiu Jitsu Training & Nutritional Benefits of Grassfed Beef

Even though Shannon and I are busy preparing for the arrival of our first little one, we still wanted to give you all your weekly dose of health & fitness info. Which is why we reached back into the ETT wrap show vault to pull out a throwback episode for this week’s Addicted to Fitness podcast.

As you’ll hear, this old school episode features the first cohost, Tyler Knox. That name may sound familiar to you all because he returned to the ATF podcast recently to discuss how being a new dad affects your fitness, which you can listen to by clicking here. Can you see the connection?

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Former co-host Tyler Knox and he’s little man Henry

Tyler and I kick off this throwback episode discussing my recent jiu jitsu training. Before I took ETT full-time I was heavy into jiu jitsu and even got to take a seminar from the recently crowned 194 lb Abu Dubai Combat Club (ADCC) champion (link). If you have NO idea what ADCC is, just think of it as the olympics of jiu jitsu. With that said, Gordon Ryan is a beast and I was fortunate enough to receive his tutelage. Our jiu jitsu convo led to us discussing the shocking results of UFC 196.

Most fight fans may remember UFC 196 because it was the first and only time that Conor McGregor lost in the octagon. Conor was submitted by Nate Diaz by rear naked choke and the woman who dethroned Rhonda Rousey, Holly Holm, was defeated by Miesha Tate with the same move. It was an excellent advertisement for the power of jiu jitsu.

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After our UFC recap, Tyler and I discuss the nutritional benefits of grass-fed beef. Shannon and I have talked about grass-fed labeling on a past ATF podcast (link), but this was the first time I ever discussed its nutritional superiority. According to the Primal Blueprint podcast, which is essentially a narration of blog posts from Mark Sisson’s website (link), grass-fed beef has an optimal omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acid ratio. It also contains higher amounts of specific vitamins and minerals, not to mention its animal welfare implications. Click here to read more about its nutrional benefits in a recent What’s on the Menu blog I wrote.

Even though grass-fed protein may take more raw resources to produce, it allows us to be more connected to our food supply. It can also help us rejuvenate the small farm industry that once thrived in this country. Another industry that we mention in this throwback episode that could help reduce our reliance on livestock protein is insect production. We allude to a cricket protein bar taste test, which we were able to accomplish in a future, or is it past episode? Either way, click here to listen.

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I love looking back on these throwback episodes, not only to see how we have progressed as podcast, but also to see how the topics we’ve discussed have evolved. I hope you all enjoy these time capsule episodes as much as I do. If you do, we’d really appreciate it if you gave us a rating and review in iTunes (link) or on our new Addicted to Fitness Facebook page (link).

We’ve got a lot of great podcasts lined up for you all, including a possible delivery room episode. You’ll definitely want to subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t done so already, and please rate, review and share Addicted to Fitness with anyone and everyone. Thanks again for all the support and stay healthy this week peeps!

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ETT Wrap Show Ep.6

This week’s episode of the ETT Wrap Show was made possible by the majesty that is Skype. Even though we were on opposite sides of Tampa Bay, Tyler and I discussed sugary drinks, the therapeutic benefits of exercise, our goal setting techniques and Ronda Rousey’s recent appearance on the Ellen Show. All that and more on this week’s episode. Your comments make us better so keep them coming!

The Queen Gets Dethroned

Saturday night’s UFC 193 was historic on many levels. It set the UFC record for attendance with over 55,000 packed into the Etihad Stadium in Australia. It also took in over $6 million at the gate, a number only eclipsed by UFC 129 & 189. The numbers alone make the event significant, but when you ask someone what they remember most about UFC 193, they are DEFINITELY NOT going to talk about the numbers.

UFC 193 was the first UFC Pay-per-view headlined by two championship bouts in both of the UFC women’s divisions. Joanna Jedrzejczyk retained her 115 lb strawweight belt with a dominating 5 round decision over Valerie Letourneau. Jedrzejczyk’s stellar striking performance was quickly upstaged by what some are calling the biggest upset in UFC history. Holly Holm shocked the world by landing a 2nd round head kick to one of the most dominant forces in combat sports today, Ronda Rousey. This was no fluke folks. This wasn’t a lucky kick that Rousey ran into. This was a calculated strike that landed due to the damage that Holm was able to inflict on Rousey in the previous 6 minutes of the fight. Even though Holm was the biggest underdog in UFC history according to Vegas coming into the fight, she had way more combat sports experience than any of Rousey’s previous opponents.

Holly Holm holds an US Amateur kickboxing title and went 2-1 as a pro. She also has 33 professional boxing victories and holds numerous world titles in multiple weight divisions. She was named Female Fighter of the year several times by different organizations including The Ring magazine, World Boxing Federation, and the International Female Boxing Association. When she walked into the octagon at UFC 193 she held a perfect 9-0 MMA record. With almost 15 years of fight experience, I wonder why so many people, including myself, thought Holm would be yet another victim of Rousey’s dominance. Speaking for myself, I thought Rousey had a better grasp of MMA striking. I thought Rousey combined striking, octagon control, and clinch work better than Holm. Not to mention that whenever a Rousey fight goes to the ground, it usually ends with her opponent’s arm bent the wrong way. Even though Holm had an extensive combat sports history, her 2 previous fights in the UFC were decisions victories that left most people wondering not if Rousey would win, but when and how. I even had the audacity to say on a local Tampa radio show that the only way Rousey could lose would be if she tore her ACL stepping in to throw a punch. I’ll take my crow baked if possible, thanks.


I’m happy to admit when I’m wrong and I was wrong about Holly Holm. I was wrong to think that the masterminds at Jackson-Wink MMA in New Mexico could not combine Holm’s skills with a flawless fight plan. I was wrong to think that Rousey’s Judo could neutralize Holm’s ability to strike at distance. I was wrong about a lot of things regarding the fight, but one thing I believe to be true is that this fight will be a linchpin for women’s combat sports. Rousey has already started that train down the track, now it’s time for her to hand over the controls to others like Holm, Jedrzejczyk, Van Zant, and Waterson. I’M NOT SAYING ROUSEY SHOULD RETIRE. I know that Holm-Rousey 2 will be EPIC! I’m simply saying that Rousey has carried the flag gallantly, but it’s now time for her to let others do the heavy lifting.

Check out the video below to see highlights from the historic Rousey-Holm fight. Also feel free to let me know how much of a doofus I was for not predicting the outcome of the fight. I appreciate all feedback.