From the Vault: Obesity is Beneficial to your Health?!

Not only is Shannon still recovering from her persistent cold but I’m smart enough not to make her podcast on her birthday, which was yesterday. Even though I gave her another week off I didn’t want to rob you all of her soothing voice, which is why I reached back into the ETT Wrap Show vault and pulled out Shannon’s podcast debut for this week’s episode. In addition to Shannon’s lovely voice, you’ll hear us discuss my personal weight loss story, mauy thai with Duane “Bang” Ludwig and a ridiculous news article that explains the “benefits” of being obese.


I’m truly grateful for all the great feedback we’ve been receiving about the Addicted to Fitness podcast. We have a ton of great podcast topics in the hopper, but we’d still love to have your input on what we should address on a future episode. Also, we still need a few more reviews to get rated on iTunes so do us a solid and give us a review and when you share this episode, tell your friend to do the same. Thanks peeps!

Links to this week’s podcast




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