Addicted to Fitness Show Notes – What is the Pegan Diet?

We lead off this episode of the ATF podcast with the announcement of an important milestone.

We finally have a website solely dedicated to podcast!

Visit and check out all of Shannon’s recent handy work. We’ll still post show notes here until we get all the content transferred to that site, but go ahead and bookmark it now.

Listeners Talk Back

Our listeners are noticing the new changes on the website and Facebook page because we’re getting lots of thumbs up on the new podcast logo and cover photo.

Our recent episode featuring the lactation cookie taste test is also eliciting a response from people. One listener asked me in person about how they tasted and the company that produces them, Stork and Dove, told us how much they enjoyed the episode on twitter. They even shared it on their social media.

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New ATF content can now be found on our WEBSITE!

Training Recap

Shannon has not done much more than her daily morning yoga routine and doesn’t feel guilty about it. However, she did get a stand-up desk at work, which has allowed her to incorporate periodic compound & isometric exercises, in addition to standing while she works. These movements are important because recent studies show that standing can be just as bad as sitting. Check out this article to find out ways you can properly use a standing desk.

I’m pretty stoked by the fact that I officially enrolled in the June Stick Mobility certification course. In order to hone my stick skills, I’m leading a Stick class at Tampa Strength every Saturday at 1030 AM (message me if you’d like to attend).

I’m also stoked about the new weekly ATF episodes that dropped last week. I don’t want to give too much away about the episode that will be dropping this week, but I will tell you that it has a lot to do with mindfulness. If you haven’t listened to the first Thursday episode with certified personal trainer & mobility specialist Alexis Rivera, download it today!

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Contact Nick to learn more about Stick training

Pegan Diet

Shannon recently discovered an article on Well+Good describing the benefits of a paleo, vegan hybrid diet. This approach to nutrition is championed by Dr. Mark Hyman, author of Eat Fat, Get Thin (which I’ve listened to on audible) and Food: What the Heck Should I Eat. 

Dr. Hyman believes that Peganism combines the best practices from both diets. He’s quoted in the article saying “A pegan diet is low-glycemic, high in plant foods, low in sugar, and includes adequate protein for appetite control and muscle synthesis.”

He also adds that each person should tweak it to fit their own particular health conditions, preferences, and needs

“If you’re vegan and don’t want to eat anything with a mother for moral or religious reasons, then that’s perfectly okay. But it’s critical to get omega-3 fatty acids, and not just ALA (or alpha-Linolenic acid) found in plants you need pre-formed DHA, which is what most of your brain is made from. The good news: You can get it from algae.”

I’m a huge fan of the idea of peganism. I feel the majority of our food should come from whole vegetables and fruit. I also know that animal products are high in important nutrients like heme iron, vitamin B12, and the aforementioned DHA. If you want to be fully optimized nutritionally, without having to rely on supplementation, I think the Pegan diet is an attractive approach.

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If you already subscribe to the Pegan diet, let us know on the ATF Podcast Facebook page how it’s working for you. While you’re there, please leave us a rating & review, which we’d also appreciate if you could do in iTunes. It only takes a few minutes and really helps us reach more listeners.

We also strongly encourage you visit and read about their delicious & nutritious sustainable super coffee. When you decide to purchase some of their tasty product, don’t forget to use our exclusive promo code “ATF” at checkout to get 20% off your order.

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Coffee Concoction

The paleo movement has given us many things. It has given us a reason to cook & eat bacon on a regular basis. It has revitalized the career of the sweet potato and has popularized the idea of making your coffee bulletproof.

Coffee that is impervious to bullets? Tell me more!

Bulletproof coffee is a coffee cocktail that claims to burn fat while providing more of an energetic boost with less of the crash associated with regular coffee. What is in this magical drink you ask? The three main ingredients are: high-quality coffee, grass-fed butter and MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil. That’s right. It’s coffee with butter and oil in it. I’m sure all the old school coffee drinkers have just stopped reading this post. The Lean Muscle Project analyzed the claims made by bulletproof coffee promoters and found some truly interesting results. They discovered that bulletproof coffee may provide more of a sustained energy boost than regular coffee. Also, it can help people lose weight by acting as a substitute for a calorie dense breakfast, but it will not miraculously burn fat. I personally have no problem with bulletproof coffee. Heck, I’m drinking a version of it right now! However, I do not use it to help me lose weight, I do not drink it every morning and I use a much smaller amount of butter and oil recommended by the bulletproof believers. The recommended recipe for bulletproof coffee can contain up to 52 grams of saturated fat in one cup which is more saturated fat than a 16 oz T-bone steak (cooked) and 5 whole avocados combined.

Hopefully I haven’t discouraged you from drinking bulletproof coffee. If you haven’t drank it yet, give it a try and let me know what you think. Also, if you drink it on a regular bases, I’d love to hear what benefits it provides you. Oh, almost forgot to mention that this product WILL NOT actually stop bullets, in case you were wondering.