Weekend Workout – Strengthening Your Core Should Be A Primary Concern

The primary mover is the muscle or muscles generating the majority of the “force” during a particular exercise. For example, during a bench press, the pectorals are the primary movers. During a curl, the biceps are the primary movers and in the weekend workout below, the muscle groups that make up your core are the primary movers.

Performing five, 10 rep supersets of this workout will help strengthen all the muscles in your core, not just your 6-pack (rectus abdominis). Don’t forget to warmup and modify the workout to match your fitness level.

If you complete this or any weekend workout, please let us know in the comment section below OR you can send us a pic/video of you doing the workout on social media (FacebookInstagram or Twitter). ENJOY!

ETT Weekend Workout 2-9

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