Our First Cryotherapy Experience

If you’ve been a regular listener of the Addicted to Fitness podcast, you’ve heard me mention that I was going to take the podcast to my first cryotherapy session. Well the day has finally arrived! I hope most of you were curious enough to google cryotherapy if you weren’t familiar with it, but for those that didn’t, I’ll give you a short synopsis.

Cryotherapy was first used in Japan in the late 1970’s to help individuals with arthritis. Individuals would step into a open top chamber, like the one in the pic below, and be exposed to rapid, short-term freezing temperatures to drop the surface temperature of their skin. A short list of the benefits produced by this form of cold therapy include reduced muscle soreness and joint pain, reduction in pain sensitivity and a massive release of “feel good” endorphins (source). This episode goes into more details about the benefits of this innovative form of therapy, but if you’re still looking for more information, the cryotherapy center I used, Chill Therapy, has a ton of great information on their website and/or Instagram feed.


I want to thank Brian from Chill Therapy for agreeing to let us podcast from his facility. I said it on the podcast but I’ll say it again, he runs a top-notch, state of the art facility and I can’t wait to go back. I truly enjoy trying out the newest health and fitness trends like this and I love taking you all along for the ride. If you have a suggestion on the next “hot thing” we should try on the podcast, please leave us a comment below. Also, if you have an extra second this week, please leave us a rating and review on iTunes. I hope you enjoy this episode and stay healthy this week folks!

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