What’s on the Menu

This week’s #whatiatewednesday post features a food sold at most grocery stores that has been found to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic superfood. The root, that looks a lot like a worm, I’m referring to is turmeric. Turmeric contains a compound known as curcumin that is believed to have the same pain relieving effect as medication like ibuprofen, but without the negative side effects. Curcumin inhibits the same enzyme ibuprofen does that causes inflamed areas of the body to become painful (source). I’m not quite sure the best way to unlock it’s beneficial properties, but for now I’m peeling, chopping and tossing several pieces into a seeping bag to create a powerful afternoon tea time. To get your daily dose of curcumin you can buy ground or whole turmeric and add it to food, or you can buy curcumin supplements. Supplemental forms of curcumin can contain mega doses, which is why you should consult your physician before taking them.


Liquid Diet

Over the past few weeks I’ve been posting pics of the food I eat on a regular basis. This week I decided to mix things up and share a post about my go-to beverages. I’ve done a good job over the past 5 years of limiting my liquid calories to coffee, tea, water, and the occasional adult beverage. I stay away from other beverages because they often deliver a large amount of calories (usually in the form of sugar) without a tremendous amount of beneficial nutrients. Soda, energy drinks, beer, and fruit juice can deliver glucose or fructose in large amounts that can result in a wide array of health problems over time. I know what you’re saying “But fruit juice has beneficial nutrients?” Yes, that’s true, but most fruit juice you purchase can have as much sugar as a can of coke. In fact, I recently heard a podcast that read off the label of a popular all fruit juice, no sugar added, pre-made smoothie that had 58g of sugar and NO fiber in a 16oz bottle. According to the podcast you would have to eat 10 cups of raw carrots or 4 medium bananas to ingest the same amount of sugar contained in that one bottle. The point I’m trying to make is that fruit juice, along with the other beverages on my naughty list, should be enjoyed on a limited basis to prevent the overconsumption of sugar. If you’ve recently cut down on the amount of sugary drinks in your diet let me know. I’d love to hear about the effect its had on your health.